I’m not THAT girl.

the flirty one,

the one who gets along with all the guys,

the ones the guys like.

i’m not her.

I’m not the girl who can chat up guys without even thinking about it;

who is charming without trying

i try.

i’m not THAT girl.

the one who will get something on Valentine’s day without a doubt,

who will be asked out

or get flowers

because her personality shines

and things of a romantic nature

seem to come naturally to her.

I’m not THAT girl.

I never have been,

and I dont know if life is easy for her

but these things of a romantic nature haven’t come easily for me.

I’m not her.

I’m not THAT girl

and maybe I won’t cause a thousand hearts to break at the sound of my laugh,

but i’m me.

and today, i like me.

i’m enough.