When I started this blog, it was really just to get my thoughts out about what I was feeling and I didn’t think I would write about anything else. writing is a way for me to process my thoughts, but I haven’t really done much recently.

When I first came to Korea I always thought I would become one of those Tumblr “Seoul bloggers” because I do belong to the Tumblrsphere, but I haven’t been inspired of late. Let’s be honest though, I’m not a Seoul blogger, whatever that even means. I also feel like my life is kinda boring and I don’t do much, but I think that writing has never been about that. It has always been about my experience, and the way I see things. It’s always been about telling my truth, and I think somewhere along the line I forgot about that and forgot what is mine. I can’t escape writing, even when the words don’t want to come out. or the words don’t seem right, it’s mine. This ability to turn my experiences into words people can read, it belongs to me. And I’m going to own it.