It’s funny how beliefs can be a deal breaker. Some things are very important while others can be overlooked. Beliefs aren’t one of them. We came back to this, which makes me laugh a bit because i realise how important this is, to me. I felt remiss because it felt like disqualification  (as it always does), but i realised that i disqualified this person too. If i can’t be at home in telling someone that i believe differently,  that my beliefs aren’t mainstream, that i don’t hold to the popular penal substitution theory i was raised with, then this person is not for me. Because I considered him up to that point. I think that was when i came to terms with what i actually wanted in a person.
On paper, everything looks good, but there are deal breakers and this is one of them. For me, at least.

We’re on very different pages, we said. Very different, very important pages.

That said, I’m not closed to learning.

But for today, almost doesn’t count.