I was speaking to a friend the other night and she was like, you’re an introvert. After the conversation I thought about it and to be honest I guess i realised that, the more time I spend with people the more I want to be on my own. I enjoy people, I do, but I’ve really come to enjoy my own space. I enjoy silence and just not having to fill up empty spaces with conversation.

My job requires me to constantly be talking and be giving my best customer service face. When I’m not working I really need to be on my own. Like really.  And maybe that makes me an introvert. I don’t like labels, and i don’t like to be defined by them but I think i lean more towards the ambivert side. After hours of talking to people and giving face,  I NEED to just relax with a good series on my laptop or something that doesn’t require talking/thinking. 

I realise that I have become more introverted since the church debacle and maybe even more so now that I live in another country.. and I’ll own that. I enjoy my own company. That doesn’t mean I always want to be on my own though.

This is me tonight.

Grace and peace.