I went to royal pirates’ showcase on Monday night. They had a fanmeeting and signed our CDs. James remembered me from when we met the other night which made me so stoked. He’s just such a lovely human being honestly. I told him i was proud of him for not giving up because let’s be honest, in his shoes he would be allowed. He’s officially my favourite  (sorrynotsorry moon!).

At some point, I was just standing by the door and this lady came to greet me and ask me where I was from. We chatted for a bit and then this younger girl came and joined her and introduced herself with a group of Americans. Then it suddenly clicked! It was James’ mom and his sister!! I was like ooohhhhh. It waa really random. I didn’t even know they were in the country (obvs). But I’m glad they were there for James. There’s nothing like filial support.

I remember the time I couldn’t go to Yonsei University, my sisters just sang healing over me and held me up. I felt Jesus in their midst and that was how I got through that because at the time all I could do was cry.

All in all, it was a good time. I made a friend who goes to my university here in Seoul too, and we went out for dinner after with another girl afterwards. It was nice. I enjoyed myself.

Grace and Peace.