You should know that I remember you fondly. I remember the times i laughed at something you said, because for that moment it felt less than temporary. I realised that letting my walls down with you could be that easy.

And then reality will come back and point out all the things that made it so temporary. Like, for all your honesty,  i felt like i  couldn’t be completely, me.
Maybe this was more my fault than yours, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I wouldn’t know how to make me more palatable to your tastes and omitting was the only thing i could do.

But i remember you fondly. For those times you were honest with me. For those times you weren’t afraid to be yourself, whether completely or not. I’ll remember that you were open, and for the most part,  easy to talk to.

And I’ll also remember that our conversations weren’t always easy for me. I’ll remember that i was afraid of being completely open because i was afraid of being judged.
I wonder if you even know that i held back? That i was waiting for the other shoe to drop? Waiting for the day you would stop
Responding to my messages?
I knew it would happen.

And I’ll remember that, too.