The days have been bleeding into each other since I got back a week ago. I realise that working during my vacation gives me structure. (I use words like vacation now, because when I say holiday people don’t always understand). I can’t sleep until 5pm when I have work and that gives me a sense of form and function. Although, I blame jetlag and the seven hour time difference between Seoul and South Africa for that hehe.

Tomorrow I’m going to go and check out a  new place to stay which will make my life easier, and will mean moving out of this on-campus housing. I decided after last semester that I really don’t want roommates again. Last semester was a bit traumatic and an assualt on my identity, and I don’t want to put myself in that position again.  So yeah. Let’s hope this new place is everything.

Also, lately I’ve been feeling the desire to cook, which has really never happened in my life, so I want to do some real home cooking. One can’t live on takeout forever. As much as I do enjoy takeout.

I’ve never really enjoyed cooking that much, I mean, I can cook. My mother made sure of that, being an African woman raised in a mostly patriarchal society. But since coming back to Seoul I’ve been imagining all the things I could make, and taking notice of those Tasty videos on Facebook. I’m actually excited to try these recipes out, which is very weird but good, i think.

I feel like this year is a new beginning for some reason. A new season, after last year (which wasn’t a bad year), it was just hard emotionally, I feel a difference in the atmosphere.

There’s greatness and goodness in the air.

Thanks Jesus.