I recently wrote a letter to someone i know. By recently i mean in November when i met him.
So i wrote him a letter. It took me a few months to actually write it. There was what i wanted to say, versus what I felt in my spirit about it, and when I showed my sisters they were like keep the main thing the main thing. On top of that,  my sister was like, you’re a writer, you’re a creator, use the words that are inside you.  I’ll be honest and say that writing this letter took a lot out of me. There has been a lot of junk in the last few years from the whole church debacle and i think the trauma of that experience led to parts of my gifts being covered up. Writing this letter forced me to dig deep into my wells of living water. It forced me to find parts of me I haven’t really encountered in a while. It was cathartic.
I think this letter was as much for him as it was for me. I freaked out about it, but I see Holy Spirit whispering love all over the forgotten parts of me. This gift of writing that used to be so natural for me,  and now it’s less natural, it feels like. I’m coming alive again.

“She’s not dead, she’s just sleeping. She is waking up.”