​The fire.

Things were buried here. 

Things uncovered here.

The fire.

Where it felt like things went to die.

Where i lost my sense of

Buried under the ashes 

of all the circumstances 

The fire was where the period of mourning followed. 

Mourning me.

Mourning who i should be.

Mourning what should’ve been.

What could’ve been

If that hadn’t been.

Sackcloth and ashes; death it felt like-

The fire burnt up all of my self


A raging inferno of one thing after the next.

What could possibly happen next and,

When will it end?

Always winter and never spring.

But Aslan came to shake his mane.

No more he says. 

Calling to my embers.

By a name i can’t remember 

But it is mine.

Rise oh sleeper.

Awake for what you thought you lost was only buried 

Calling out the greatness in me.

Greatness? In me?

Are you sure? It’s me?

They threw me away you know.

I know.

They disregarded me you know.

I know.

They never saw me-


I see


I see the best you 

Out of the fire you. 

The you who is waking up to the Greatness in you.

The depth of my love, you 

The object of my affections, you 

The one i love, you

All this is for, you. 

I love you.

Made out of gold, you.

I love you.

I, choose, you.