I met someone who made me believe that a different narrative was possible. That a truly incredible love story is possible. That I’m not condemned to the past and my mistakes or questionable actions and decisions. We didn’t get to talk much or even hang out even though i asked him out for coffee- something i have never done with someone I’m not friends with- but he means something to me. I’m grateful for the experience, although I’m caught in my feelings. I thought of him in the future tense. I saw him in my life. I considered what it would be like for him to meet my family,  my brother, my sisters. My mother. My father. Would he want to learn my mother tongue? Would he move back with me? 

Funnily enough I don’t even know him well. And he never gave me any clear indication that he was interested in me. But I’m an empath. I feel deeply. Keenly. And with him I felt hope. And I believed again. 

Even if it comes to nothing,

I know i won’t forget him quickly.